December Giving

December Giving

I was honored and proud to participate in the Middleton Outreach Ministry MOM – Creating for a Cause Art Fair.

20% of proceeds from sales were contributed to the Food Pantry. One of the fun things about this show is that it is held IN the food pantry. Shoppers get to see the warehouse and clothing store while making meaningful purchases.

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The Food Pantry presented a few challenges as does every show. Flexibility is a skill. I was situated in the back corner of the warehouse. I was also given the opportunity to be the “official signer” for the grand prize contest. That was a great way to bring shoppers into my  booth. I was told the prize was a Million Dollars but I think it was a gift basket. 


Another challenge at this event was the large number of jewelry makers. As the organizer reminded us, there are often more than one gas station on the corner. We all had different styles and I think my unique items translated into good sales. 

Sunday we had our first big snowfall. I was envisioning a slow day as a result. To my surprise, Middleton community is very loyal. Attendance was great in spite of 4 or more inches of snow and I sold my most expensive items on Sunday morning. 


This was my last big show for 2016. It leaves me with mixed feelings. The coming months will provide a respite and allow me to work on better web presence and to flush out some new designs I have been thinking about. But I already miss the excitement of planning for the next show!

One last show next Sunday at Firefly Coffee House in Oregon. Sunday December 11th from 9am-3pm. Stop in to say Hello!

Feed Your Soul, Allison

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