Late Summer Art and Craft Fairs

Its hard to believe we are into August.

Paoli Art in the Mill Park- one of my favorite summer events.

It’s hard to believe we are in August and I have already done some shows. On August 13th, I was fortunate to participate in Paoli Art at the Mill Park Art Fair. It was a humid morning and rained the night before so set up was wet, wet, wet. Fortunately, I was uphill from the standing water and the organizers brought in hay. It was a nice shady spot to enjoy the fair.

The day started out slow but really picked up as the sun dried everything. It’s a really fun gathering with live music and beer. Beer- it’s what Wisconsin Art Fairs need! Many shoppers browsed with glass in hand.


Agora Art Fair Fitchburg WI

Although I did not have a booth at this lovely event, I helped out at the booth for 14 South Artists. Here are some of our participants.

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Although there was a little shower early, the day turned out lovely with a gentle breeze and the show was well attended.

Next up: Middleton Good Neighbor Fest August 27-28 at Middleton’s Fireman’s Park.

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