June – Hitting the floor running

This month started out with a bang. The Dragon Art Fair on Deforest was a fun and variable day. After a week of rainy predictions, it hardly rained on the event on Saturday. Attendance started out a little slowly due to sprinkles but blossomed in the afternoon when the sun came out. The necklaces below went to Deforest with me.

A special shout out to my friend and business partner Betsy for inviting her sister Marge to visit from Mexico. She was a big help and had fun stories to entertain us all day.

Now I am preparing for my next show at Hilldale Mall in Madison on June 18th. This is a new show is at a mall that I have shopped my whole life. The mall, built in the 1960s, has been remodeled and has many unique shopping opportunities including Art Fairs.

Stop by the Summer Hilldale Art Fair 10 am-5pm.

DSC02773 DSC027920 5pm. DSC02754

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